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It is particularly applicable for those choosing to move with a self pack container (sometimes known as a pod or moving container). Because these type of container removals are transported by rail, they will have a weight limit included - you may have to check the fine print of your quote for this one… generally speaking, you will want at least 5 tonne of weight included in your price - bearing in mind a typical container packed with household goods, weights on average between 5-7 tonne, you would ideally have 8 tonne provided to ensure you don’t get hit with excess weight charges which can add a hefty surcharge to your quoted price - best Fairfield Moving Company (Parramatta moving companies).

conflicting settlement dates, mean that storage is very often a necessity when you are in the midst of packing up your house. You may not know when you book your removalist that you will end up needing it stored but it’s always a good idea to find out the costs involved and if it is even possible - a lot of removalists are not able to offer this option!It’s no secret that if you are moving house you are bound to need some packaging materials to assist in preparing your possessions for safe transport.

Ask your removalist what they can supply for free or if they have any ‘special offers’ going for this sort of thing. You may want to also ask if they can source items for you through a wholesale supplier. If you are using a container removals company (self pack moving container), then be sure to ask how long you may have the shipping container in your possession.

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Another question to ask, is what the charges are if you do happen to go over the included hirage time - it’s better to know ahead of time rather than be unpleasantly surprised if your packing schedule for whatever reason, does not go to plan. If you are moving interstate in Australia and want a reliable and reputable removalist with a proven track record in container removals and self pack shipping containers; then look no further than Budget Self Pack Containers.

Hiring a removalist and trusting them with your belongings is a big deal. Understandably, you don’t want to trust your belongings to just anyone. Here are the top ten questions you should ask your removalist before agreeing to hire them. This question is especially important if you’re hiring a removalist to move valuable or unique items that many removalists may not have dealt with.

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Make sure you’re clear on what’s included in the quote before you agree to it. Have you been quoted for storage and insurance or is this an added price you need your removalist to take into account? Make sure you check whether packing is included or not. Don’t forget to also ask what extras are included in the quote - Fairfield Moving Company.

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Be clear on what you are paying for. For many people, they simply do not have the time to pack their belongings into boxes. Find out if your removals company provides a packing service so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. Ask your removalist if they will protect your valuables and if so, how.

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Another important question to ask is how the removalists will protect your home from any damages that may occur during pickup and delivery of furniture. They may pack furniture within the house before they move it to protect your items and walls. This question isn’t crucial for every move but many people plan their arrival around the time of delivery, especially when moving interstate and overseas.

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Some risks to your belongings fall outside of your removalists control and the only way to safeguard your belongings is with insurance. If your removalist does insure, be sure to ask them about their cover, and whether or not this is part of the quote. In the unlikely and unfortunate event that something happens during your move, you may want to lodge a complaint.

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If you get the impression that they’re not going to deal with any issues or follow through, you might want to move on. A reliable removalist will welcome any feedback, good or bad, and deal with issues in a timely manner - Moving Company Fairfield. Find out what the removalists are expecting you to do before they show up.

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Address: Parramatta NSW
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The removalists might also ask you to save them a parking space so they can access your property easily - LINK. Ask your removalist or moving consultant for advice before the move. If you’re packing the house yourself, they will be able to offer valuable insight into packing property and protecting your belongings.

Millions of consumers move from one home to another every year. Many will hire movers to help them with packing, loading and transport to their new home. The process involves a lot of different steps and starts with a series of questions for the moving company to help them prepare a quotation.

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The following are a series of questions that many people will ask during the interview process to help them select the right company for their big day. How long has the company been in business? If they are a new company or have been in business for only a few years, check their background more thoroughly. LINK.

You may also want to check the process for leaving a review to determine how much control the company has over the review process. Ask for direct references from previous customers and give them a call. Check for the company’s reputation in detail. Confirm that they have the appropriate licenses and insurance policies in place to protect your belongings.



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